Our Fashion Designers

Gigi Ethiopia


Gigi Ethiopia is a clothing business owned by fashion designer Guenet Fresenbet(Gigi). Gigi is an internationally renowned fashion designer who has tremendous experience working with major labels in Los Angeles like Bisou-Bisou, Jonathan Martin, Jolly USA (an Ethiopian Owned Jr. sportswear label), just to name a few

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Adot Design

 Adot Design is a clothing business owned by fashion designer Teshalech Tadesse.  Teshalesh is an Ethiopian fashion designer whose products are made from enset, a plant that belongs to the Banana family and is commonly known as 'false banana'. Teshalesh's brand Adot Liyu sells remarkable fashion and household items - bags, belts, tops, tableware and baskets - wholly or partially made of the dried remainders of the everyday Ethiopian crop   

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Elzamak Design



Elzamak Design is a clothing business owned by fashion designer Makeda Zeleke. Makda is an Ethiopian fashion designer that uses her fashion skills to pose questions to society. She wants to give her designs meaning by connecting it with the history and culture of Ethiopia while also giving it a modern twist   

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Fetel Design

  Fetel Design is a clothing business owned by Helen Asrat. Helen is a designer who emerged in a developing industry back in her home, Addis Ababa and tried to make a change for the industry. Allmost a decade ago, Fetel Design was established to make the difference her own way on a small scale level. The styles she made were basically based on the client's need and appearance, incorporating her inspiration. When she starting her work in Addis Ababa, famous athletes and celebrities and some diplomats were among her clients. Helen has also started exporting her fashions to some European countries recently.

Most of Helen's work is inspired by Ethiopian fabrics with a modern expression. The looks she creates are simple and casual but at the same time wearable for special occasions with accessories

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